Unique Rings for Men

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Categories: Gemstone Beads & Jewelry

Choosing a ring is considered to be a tedious and long task. It is not easy finding a ring for  man that meets the specifications that he is looking for, is the size that he wears and most of all has the stone that he wants. It is never easy finding all these three features [...]

Millefiori beads- The Special Lampwork Beads

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Categories: Lampwork Beads & Jewelry

Millefiori is translated from Italian means “thousand flowers”, which is a very apt description of these beads. They are formed of many small glass flowers to make the larger bead or piece of jewelry. For those who are not familiar with the beautiful designs of Millefiori jewelry, this introduction is likely to begin a life [...]

Bead Caps- Big Capability

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Categories: Bead Caps, Jewelry Supplies & Findings

Bead caps are bowl-shaped jewelry. They are essential and useful findings in jewelry making. They can be used for making necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and usually be used in pairs at two ends of beads to add texture an Silver Bead  design to jewelry pieces. Beads caps come in a various metal colors, such as [...]

The Stone Therapy- Ocean Jasper Stone

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Categories: Jasper beads & Jewelry

Ocean Jasper comes only from the northwest coast of the African island of Masagascar. Masagascar has been the world’s fourth largest island for two million years, which is part of the African continent. Around 75% of the plants, animals, minerals and gemstones can be found in Madagascar instead of anywhere in the world. The typical [...]

Mysterious Coral Beads

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Categories: Turquoise & Coral Jewelry

There are more than 2,500 varieties of corals in nature, which are distinguished in the palette of 350 colors. They get strong glass glitter after being polished. Coloration can be both uniform and patchy. After removal of polyps and fleshy skin, a coral is used like the pearls and goes for the manufacture of various [...]

A Ring Watch- A Unique Watch for Anyone

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Categories: Wholesale Watches

A watch is a small timepiece, typically worn either on the wrist or attached on a chain and carried in a pocket. Wristwatches are the most common type of watch today. It appeared in 17th century and evolved from the spring powered clocks in the 15th century. Before wrist watches became popular in the 1920s, [...]

The Introduction of Beaded Bracelets

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Categories: Wholesale Trends

With the prosperity and the expansion of the jeweler industry, we have now countless options to choose when it comes to fashion. Beaded bracelets have various types and they differ according to the origin of the culture. Bracelets have something to do with the culture and history. For instance, in Ancient Egyptians they were found [...]