The Useful Jewelry Boxes

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Categories: Jewelry Supplies & Findings

It is universal that jewelry boxes are not meant to be disposable items. They are meant to be personal, gifts that can be treasured for generations. That’s why it can mean so much to have your jewelry box engraved. Monogramming can be a great way to make a jewelry box your own. A tender message [...]

Fashion Earrings For Women

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Categories: Lampwork Beads & Jewelry

Earrings for women aren’t simply just another fashion accessory to pair with an outfit. Fashion earrings can make or break a look based on the earrings that you choose, your face shape, hairstyle and outfit. For this reason, there’s much more to choosing a pair of earrings than simply buying a pair that strikes your [...]

Silver Beads- The Shining Ornament

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Categories: European Beads & Jewelry

Silver bead design reflected the human passion for individuality. It was within the artistic space of silver design, to create a visual energy through subliminal charismatic power, re-conceived the human spirit. They were meant to be worn and seen, illustrative and attractive that one’s life was different from others with improvisational color sequencing, changing in [...]

Pearl Jewelry for Women

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Categories: Pearl Beads & Jewelry

Different types, shapes, and sizes will leave women spoilt for choices while buying pearl jewelry. There are pearl necklaces, brooches, bracelets, earrings and hair accessories too. Many women are investing their money and attention to the pearl. Giving a gift to an important woman in your life and making her truly surprised is becoming harder [...]

Evil Eye Beads- The Decorator and Protector

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Categories: Other Beads & Jewelry

Eye symbol are believed to be an amulet that can ward off evil spirits over a long time. History witnesses the use of “evil eye” beads in the ancient Orient and Sumeria from 3000 B.C.. In Turkey and some areas in Middle East, where many believe that when someone sees your good fortune and envy [...]

Rubber Watch-Much Benefit for You

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Categories: Wholesale Watches

Watches can be made of various kinds of materials, such as gold, plastic, silver. There is one kind of watches which is in very special material and give much benefit to the people wearing it,that is the rubber watch. Some of the watches are expensive, some cheap, and some are priced right in the middle [...]

Key Chain Watch-The New Time Keeper

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Categories: key chain watches, Wholesale Watches

Watches can be worn in a number of ways. On general, people wear them on their wrists, and some of them wear on their fingers, also some of they do not but carry them in their pockets. That is why the wristwatch, the ring watch and the pocket watch can serve all these purposes. Different [...]

Big Face Watches- Just Best for You

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Categories: Wholesale Watches

Big face watches are back in popular among women and men 30 years later. Small face watches though is bijou, sometimes it is not convenient to be looked at. Apart from them, the big face ones are more preferable and more handsome. With a large dial of the watch, every time you are hurry to [...]

Different Styles of Beaded Necklaces

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Categories: Wholesale Trends

Beaded necklace is very popular among other kinds of jewelry. It is made of the colorful beads and the string. The beads can be glass, ceramic, wooden, or plastic with a round shape, teardrop, or an oblong design, among many others. Beads of different materials and shapes are often mixed to create a flawless personal [...]

Necklaces For Women

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Categories: Wholesale Trends

Accessories plays the important part in women’s life, such as bracelets, rings, earrings and the necklaces. Necklaces are popular in all ages of women. Young women like wearing silver and white necklaces especially the white-collars, while women who are married and have children like wearing gold or pearl ones, which looks more elegant and more [...]