Jewelry Necklaces for Men and Women

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Categories: Shell Beads & Jewelry

Since time immemorial women have adorned their necks with a beautiful necklace. In each tradition there are signature necklaces that mark the woman’s position in public. For example the Egyptian Nubian women typical round mass of necklaces with amazing long earrings. Indian women wear beautiful necklace matching sets in gold, burnished gold, sterling silver, oxidized [...]

The Charming Bangle Jewelry

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Categories: Agate & Chalcedony Jewelry

Bangles are wrist ornaments found in South Asian countries, particularly in India. While these are now becoming a hot fashion accessory with universal demand, in India, they continue to be a part of a tradition set in place during the 6th century BC, as archeological discoveries suggest. Bangle jewelry has been shown many times at [...]

Vintage Rings- The Classic Style

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Categories: Shell Beads & Jewelry

There is something about vintage rings that just can’t be replaced. While you can certainly find a wide variety of rings at just about any jeweler, many of the race underproduced these days just do not have the same feel as those that are vintage. As with many other items, things that are made in [...]

The Attractive Cat’s Eye Beads

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Categories: Gemstone Beads & Jewelry

The Cat’s eye stone has been known since the beginning of history. It was referred to in a poem 2,000 years ago and was thought to be caused due to the extreme cold. This gemstone has the longest history amongst the other chrysoberyl varieties. By the start of the nineteenth century the gemstone had lost its [...]