Unique Rings for Men

Yazan: 86beads | 20 August 2011 | Comments Off
Categories: Gemstone Beads & Jewelry

Choosing a ring is considered to be a tedious and long task. It is not easy finding a ring for  man that meets the specifications that he is looking for, is the size that he wears and most of all has the stone that he wants. It is never easy finding all these three features [...]

The Affordable Discount Jewelry

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Categories: Discount Beads & Jewelry

Jewelry is every woman’s dream because it’s unique and timeless. This type of jewelry is easy to maintain as it is made from high quality but expensive materials and this is yet another reason for buying jewelry that comes with a label. However, not everyone can afford jewelry when even a single pendant is sometimes [...]

Body Piercing- Dare to Try?

Yazan: 86beads | 27 July 2011 | Comments Off
Categories: Body Jewelry

In recent years, body piercing has grown so much in popularity and becomes more and more a part of the mainstream in western culture. There are a number of well-known celebrities with body piercing like navel rings or a labret. You might be surprised to find out that piercing is actually an ancient practice for [...]