The Practical Shell Pearls

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A shell pearl is a special type of pearl that is cultivated from oysters, mollusk shell and other creatures. This is generally called as mother of all other pearls. It is very commonly used in making shells, other ornaments and jewelries. This type is also used as a fashion piece for multiple purposes. The pearl [...]

Tahitian Pearls For Pearl Lovers

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If you are a pearl lover and like to wear pearl jewelry, then you must be aware about the Tahitian pearls. As the most valuable pearls available in the market, these pearls, known as ‘queen of pearls’, symbolize beauty and classic. Tahiti in US is the home of the beautiful Tahiti pearls. The lagoon of [...]

Different Kinds of Cubic Zirconia Rings

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For people who do not want to choose luxurious diamonds as rings, there’s a perfect replacement— the Cubic Zirconia Rings or CZ rings. CZ rings have the look which makes you think if it’s a diamond ring or not, particularly to the untrained eye. It is also the best present for individuals who cannot manage [...]

Jade Earrings- Elegance for You

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Jade is a popular type of gemstone in China. It is also a well-recognized gemstone around the world. From ancient to modern, many people admire this “imperial gem”, for jade is believed to have the function of protecting people from bad luck, evil spirits and danger. Jade has been important to Chinese and have a [...]

Some Tips for Buying Luxury Watches

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Watches have a wide range of price, depending on the quality of the materials. For the plastic or the rubber, they may be more inexpensive, while for the luxury watches, they cost highly for they are usually made from the precious materials, such as gold, silver or diamonds. A luxury watch not only plays a [...]

Key Chain Watch-The New Time Keeper

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Watches can be worn in a number of ways. On general, people wear them on their wrists, and some of them wear on their fingers, also some of they do not but carry them in their pockets. That is why the wristwatch, the ring watch and the pocket watch can serve all these purposes. Different [...]