The Attractive Crystal Beads

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Crystal beads can be purchased in numerous styles, sizes, colors. They are produced from multiple locations all around the world and still have several finishes. Adding crystal beads onto any jewelry making designs can stand out your jewelry. They offer your beading project a certain amount of extra spark. They are certainly the top making [...]

The Natural Power of Clear Quartz

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Clear quartz is merely composed of silicon dioxide well known of its large, unusual normally faultless, and very often beautiful prismatic crystals. It is often called the “stone of power”. It’s the most pure form of quartz that lacks any trace of elements of minerals that proves amazing colors to other quartzes. Clear quartz also [...]

Jade Bracelet-Make You Special

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Bracelets are used or exchanged for marriage purposes, friendship, gifts, donation, horoscopes and so on. Relying on the requirement they’re able to show personal charms made of ornamental pendants and will be of the terrific importance for wearers existence. Jade bracelets are in various styles of appearances. Slab bracelets are flat in shape and are [...]

Jade Pendant- Eternal Charm for People

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In China, jade is believed to have the function of protecting people from bad luck, evil spirits and danger. Jade ornaments are also used to symbolize one’s wealth. If one looks at this from the perspective of Buddhism, jade is regarded as a talisman. It will keep misfortune away from you while allow the fortune [...]

Mysterious Coral Beads

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There are more than 2,500 varieties of corals in nature, which are distinguished in the palette of 350 colors. They get strong glass glitter after being polished. Coloration can be both uniform and patchy. After removal of polyps and fleshy skin, a coral is used like the pearls and goes for the manufacture of various [...]