Know about Freshwater Pearls

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Today, the majority of freshwater pearls are mass produced through pearl farms located in China. Unlike other types of pearls, freshwater pearls derive from mussels which live in freshwater lakes and rivers. Other types of pearls come from mussels which live in sea/salt water. Freshwater pearl jewelry is probably the most accessible type of pearl [...]

The Clear White Quartz

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White quartz, often referred to as “Frozen Light,” or “Ice of Eternity,” is perhaps one of the most powerful stones used by healers and other magical practitioners. It comes in various shapes, and a wide range from crystal clear to translucent. The clearest stones have a masculine, projective energy, while the more milky and translucent [...]

Smoky Quartz Stands Out

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Smoky quartz is a popular macro crystalline variety of quartz. It has an unusual color for a gemstone, easily recognized and well known by the public. The color can vary from gray to warm brown, clear and light to an almost “solid” looking brown or black. Only a few other brown or black minerals are [...]

Wooden Beads- Natural Charm

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Categories: Wood Beads & Jewelry

Wooden beads are a new trend of Jewelry beads recently, which has become more and more popular with jewelry makers for the awareness about environmental protection. If you are allergic to synthetic materials, you can choose natural wood products as your jewelry accessories. When you make jewelry and crafts with wooden beads, it can make [...]

Know about Turquoise Jewelry

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Categories: Turquoise & Coral Jewelry

Turquoise is the jewelry maker’s friend – every buyer appreciates it, and this gem stone always looks glamorous, no matter how it’s used. Turquoise is the birthstone for December. It is a soft, opaque gemstone, formed by volcanic rock reacting to copper deposits brought by water. Its color ranges from blue-green, to yellow-green with gray, [...]