Beaded Bracelets

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People today are crazy about fashion. They are paying a lot of attention to their appearance and often like to wear certain pieces of jewelry such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces to enhance their personal style and communicate their message. In many ways they have found that the right jewelry can help them express their personality [...]

Big Face Watches- Just Best for You

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Categories: Wholesale Watches

Big face watches are back in popular among women and men 30 years later. Small face watches though is bijou, sometimes it is not convenient to be looked at. Apart from them, the big face ones are more preferable and more handsome. With a large dial of the watch, every time you are hurry to [...]

Disney Watches

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In the childhood of most of the young generation, the Disney cartoon left a great impressive and memorable memory in their mind. For 75 years Mickey, Minnie, Snow White and the whole Disney cast have graced our TV screens and movie screens. Besides, in our daily life, it adorned all sorts of collectibles and paraphernalia, [...]

The Introduction on Watch Faces

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Watch is a typical kind of timepieces in people’s daily life. Watch faces have changed as fashion trends and become more cutting edge these days. What was once typically round and white can now be found in different shapes, a multitude of colors, and with a variety of added details. The additional use of gemstones [...]

An Introduction on Watch Box

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Watch boxes are made and designed in various sizes, some of them are in high quality. They are made of plastics, paper, wood and card board. Some of them are made of leather, flock and high quality wood. Different people have different taste and choose different kinds of watch boxes. They can ensure the safety [...]