The Popular Antique Mirror

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Antique mirror raise the antique value due to the frame more than the mirror itself that. Therefore, one can even assert safely that antique mirror frames were the manifestations of fully developed branch of artistic expression. Antique mirror is an ornamental silvered glass mainly made use of as a part of interior decoration. The process [...]

Evil Eye Beads- The Decorator and Protector

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Eye symbol are believed to be an amulet that can ward off evil spirits over a long time. History witnesses the use of “evil eye” beads in the ancient Orient and Sumeria from 3000 B.C.. In Turkey and some areas in Middle East, where many believe that when someone sees your good fortune and envy [...]

Birthstone Rings for Your Mother

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Since ancient times, rings have been recognized as a symbol of relationship, or a bond between the giver and the wearer of the ring. In some cultures, this was interpreted as a physical bond of ownership and control. For example, in the ancient Greek myth of Prometheus, the god Zeus uses a unbreakable ring to [...]