Bracelet with Agate Beads

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Categories: Agate & Chalcedony Jewelry

The properties of agate stone are courage, strength, love and fading away stress and bitterness. It can also help in making a balance in physical, emotional, logical as well as enhancing spiritual energies of the wearer. By wearing agate bracelet the wearer can ease his or her feelings of hostility, anger and encourage kindliness and [...]

Choosing A Watch Band

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Categories: Wholesale Watches

A watch is a small timepiece, typically worn on the wrist. Wristwatches are the most common type of watch these days. It appeared in 17th century and evolved from the spring powered clocks in the 15th century. Every wristwatch consists of two parts – the face and the band. Watch bands can vary in colors, [...]

An Introduction on Watch Box

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Categories: Jewelry Arts & Gifts

Watch boxes are made and designed in various sizes, some of them are in high quality. They are made of plastics, paper, wood and card board. Some of them are made of leather, flock and high quality wood. Different people have different taste and choose different kinds of watch boxes. They can ensure the safety [...]