The Clear White Quartz

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White quartz, often referred to as “Frozen Light,” or “Ice of Eternity,” is perhaps one of the most powerful stones used by healers and other magical practitioners. It comes in various shapes, and a wide range from crystal clear to translucent. The clearest stones have a masculine, projective energy, while the more milky and translucent [...]

Benefits from Rose Quartz

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Rose quartz is a stone which is in the color of translucent pink to rose red. It is one of the crystals that have traditionally been used to help give fortune to improve relationship. It is also recognized as the “Love Stone”. It has the ability in accelerating the process for those seeking true love, [...]

The Natural and Mysterious Jasper Gemstone

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Jasper gemstone is very popular in the design and making of fashion jewelry. It is semi-precious stones usually made into beautiful jewelry articles, including handmade bracelets, necklaces and rings. Jasper is not very expensive and they are available in the market today. The name “jasper” means “spotted stone”, and is derived from the Anglo-French word [...]