The Useful Jewelry Chain

Yazan: 86beads | 12 August 2011 | Comments Off
Categories: Jewelry Supplies & Findings

Jewelry chains play a very important part in the constitution of articles of jewelry. Commercially offered chains are usually easily recognizable template designs. If the chains are made in the material of gold or silver, they are possible to be very expensive. Commercial pre-made chains can have plated protective finishes such as rhodium, which can [...]

Making Handmade Lampwork Beads

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Categories: Lampwork Beads & Jewelry

The process of making lampwork beads are amazing! To give you a better understanding of when a bead is worth paying high dollar, this article will increase your knowledge about what glass lampworking is and the process of glass beadmaking. There is an astounding amount of mass produced glass out there, knowing what to look [...]

Glass Beads Are All the Rage

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Categories: Glass Beads & Jewelry

Glass beads, one kind of fashionable jewelry, have been in use for thousands of years. In ancient time, they were made by hand which requires skilled craftsmen, while today, most of them are made by machine. No matter how they are made, they have been created for hundreds of years and continue to be popular [...]