The Popular Antique Mirror

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Categories: Jewelry Arts & Gifts

Antique mirror raise the antique value due to the frame more than the mirror itself that. Therefore, one can even assert safely that antique mirror frames were the manifestations of fully developed branch of artistic expression. Antique mirror is an ornamental silvered glass mainly made use of as a part of interior decoration. The process [...]

Making Handmade Lampwork Beads

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Categories: Lampwork Beads & Jewelry

The process of making lampwork beads are amazing! To give you a better understanding of when a bead is worth paying high dollar, this article will increase your knowledge about what glass lampworking is and the process of glass beadmaking. There is an astounding amount of mass produced glass out there, knowing what to look [...]

Millefiori beads- The Special Lampwork Beads

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Categories: Lampwork Beads & Jewelry

Millefiori is translated from Italian means “thousand flowers”, which is a very apt description of these beads. They are formed of many small glass flowers to make the larger bead or piece of jewelry. For those who are not familiar with the beautiful designs of Millefiori jewelry, this introduction is likely to begin a life [...]

Charming Cherry Quartz

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Categories: Quartz Beads & Jewelry

Cherry quartz is not quartz at all rather than a glass. Its color, on general, is translucent pink from deep to light. The deep pink hues of Cherry quartz beads never go out of style among the jewelry. Cherry quartz is a man-made hardened glass material that is dyed and can be cut like stone, [...]