The Popular Hair Bands

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Categories: Handbags & Accessories

A woman can make a fashion statement only when she has managed to dress herself from hair to toe. In simpler words fashion means accessorizing yourself totally, in order to be in all the rage. Hair, be it short or long needs a proper accessory to design it so as to suit the clothes you [...]

Mabe Pearls Makes You Gorgeous

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Categories: Pearl Beads & Jewelry

Mabe pearls are simple, elegant and unfading. With their gleaming beauty, they can be used from one generation to the other. They are produced in Japan, China, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, French Polynesia and the Cook Islands. They are not limited in white and round shape, They can be found in diverse colours such as [...]

The Natural Power of Clear Quartz

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Categories: Quartz Beads & Jewelry

Clear quartz is merely composed of silicon dioxide well known of its large, unusual normally faultless, and very often beautiful prismatic crystals. It is often called the “stone of power”. It’s the most pure form of quartz that lacks any trace of elements of minerals that proves amazing colors to other quartzes. Clear quartz also [...]

Charming Cherry Quartz

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Categories: Quartz Beads & Jewelry

Cherry quartz is not quartz at all rather than a glass. Its color, on general, is translucent pink from deep to light. The deep pink hues of Cherry quartz beads never go out of style among the jewelry. Cherry quartz is a man-made hardened glass material that is dyed and can be cut like stone, [...]