What Are Akoya Pearls?

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Akoya pearls are thought to keep the optimum original appeal and quality of cultured pearls. Colder ocean temps over shoreline of Japan by which these oysters tend to be chiefly determined are usually 10 to 15 levels colder than different areas by which pearls are captive-raised and cultured. It’s said that these types of much [...]

Know about Freshwater Pearls

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Today, the majority of freshwater pearls are mass produced through pearl farms located in China. Unlike other types of pearls, freshwater pearls derive from mussels which live in freshwater lakes and rivers. Other types of pearls come from mussels which live in sea/salt water. Freshwater pearl jewelry is probably the most accessible type of pearl [...]

Jade Pendant- Eternal Charm for People

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In China, jade is believed to have the function of protecting people from bad luck, evil spirits and danger. Jade ornaments are also used to symbolize one’s wealth. If one looks at this from the perspective of Buddhism, jade is regarded as a talisman. It will keep misfortune away from you while allow the fortune [...]