The Endless Charming Heart Pendants

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Whatever your relationship is to the female you are buying a Valentine’s gift for, a diamond heart pendant is a good choice for her. Wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, even grandmother are simply unable to resist the heart shape jewelry, which is the perfect symbol of love for Valentine’s Day. Diamond alone is a spectacular and [...]

Natural Beauty from Shell Jewelry

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In the remote ancient times, shells were first used for centuries as a form of currency. Later they gradually were adopted into jewelry making. But people wore them for different reasons, people in ocean areas then deeply believed that ornaments could drive evil spirits away and brought good luck to them. After hundreds of years’ [...]

Green Quartz-Glamour for You

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Green quartz, also called prasiolite or adventurine, is known for luck and chance. It has healing properties that focus mainly on love, intuition, and creativity. According to yoga philosophy, there are seven centers of spiritual energy in the body called Chakras. Green quartz stabilizes and opens the Chakra of the heart and relieves anxiety, emotional [...]

Birthstone Rings for Your Mother

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Since ancient times, rings have been recognized as a symbol of relationship, or a bond between the giver and the wearer of the ring. In some cultures, this was interpreted as a physical bond of ownership and control. For example, in the ancient Greek myth of Prometheus, the god Zeus uses a unbreakable ring to [...]