The Affordable Discount Jewelry

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Jewelry is every woman’s dream because it’s unique and timeless. This type of jewelry is easy to maintain as it is made from high quality but expensive materials and this is yet another reason for buying jewelry that comes with a label. However, not everyone can afford jewelry when even a single pendant is sometimes [...]

Jewelry Necklaces for Men and Women

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Since time immemorial women have adorned their necks with a beautiful necklace. In each tradition there are signature necklaces that mark the woman’s position in public. For example the Egyptian Nubian women typical round mass of necklaces with amazing long earrings. Indian women wear beautiful necklace matching sets in gold, burnished gold, sterling silver, oxidized [...]

What Are Akoya Pearls?

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Categories: Pearl Beads & Jewelry

Akoya pearls are thought to keep the optimum original appeal and quality of cultured pearls. Colder ocean temps over shoreline of Japan by which these oysters tend to be chiefly determined are usually 10 to 15 levels colder than different areas by which pearls are captive-raised and cultured. It’s said that these types of much [...]

Cloisonné jewelry

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Cloisonné is a very old metalworking technique that originated in Beijing, China during the Yuan Dynasty that ran from 1271 to 1368. It has been used to produce exquisite jewelry, boxes, flatware, serving pieces, wall pieces, beads, sculptures and especially vases. This technique was perfected in Japan and China during the 17th, 18th, and 19th [...]

Amethyst Jewelry: The Best Quartz for You

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Amethyst is a member of quartz family. It is the birthstone for February and has profound implication. It is widely used in jewelry making for its glamorous colors, healthy influence and symbolic significances apart from its physical characteristics. As a matter of fact, it is the most precious one in quartz family. The hardness of [...]

What Is the Headpin?

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For jewelry findings, you may think they are trivial and unattractive, however, they play a fundamental role in jewelry. Here we would like to introduce headpin. A headpin is a kind of jewelry findings. It is a long, thin piece of wire with a “head”. It is a flattened piece of metal bigger than the [...]

Chinese Cinnabar-from Ancient to Modern

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Cinnabar is generally found in a massive, granular or earthy form and its color is bright scarlet to brick-red. Sometimes it occurs, however, in crystals with a non-metallic adamantine luster. It has a rhombohedral bravais lattice, and belongs to the hexagonal crystal system, trigonal division. Its crystals usually grow in a massive habit, though they [...]