Different Kinds of Wallets

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A wallet is a small, pocket-sized case designed to carry cash, credit cards, ID cards, passport size photos, and even small amount of money. Wallets come in different shapes and sizes, can be folded or flat, can be made of leather or fabrics, can be designed to fit in pockets or handbags, and are used by both men and women. Wallets, and especially personalized wallets, can also be great gift items. These are different types of wallets.

These are men’s wallets:

Bi-fold wallets: These are by far the most common wallets used by men. Bi-fold wallets fold in the middle into half, hence the name. They can comfortably hold currency notes, several credit cards, and driver’s license or other ID cards. The currency notes, which are placed across the length of the wallet, fold into half as well. Depending on the design, the credit cards can be placed vertically or horizontally. The best advantage of this kind of wallet is it’s not too bulky, but just lengthy enough to fit everything perfectly.

Tri-fold wallets: These look similar to bi-fold wallets, except that they have two folds instead of one, each dividing the wallet to a third of its length. These wallets can also easily hold currency notes, credit cards, ID cards, and passport photos, albeit the credit cards can only be placed vertically. These tend to be a little more bulkier than their bi-fold counterparts, but can accommodate much more stuff.

Breast wallets: The main difference between these and the above two types of wallets is, these fold along the length of the wallet. Consequently, the currency notes which are placed across the length, don’t fold at all. These wallets tend to be a bit thinner and longer, and are designed to fit in the inside pocket of an overcoat or dress coat.

Money clip wallets: The distinguishing feature of these wallets is, there is no room for currency notes inside the wallet, but the notes get clipped on the outside of the wallet via an accompanying money clip. The wallet can hold credit cards and ID cards inside.

Front pocket wallets: These are not the most commonly used wallets. They sport a sleek look, and are designed to fit in the front pocket, the advantage being it is harder for the pickpockets to get to.

Chain wallets: These wallets hang out of the pocket, and are fastened to the pant by a chain.

The following ones are women’s wallets:

Standard wallets: These come in two sizes – large and small – and fold in either half or one-third, bound together by a clasp. They can hold cash, credit cards, photos, and also have a zippered pocket for change.

Cheque book wallets: As the name implies, the primary purpose of these long wallets is to hold cheque books. Additionally, they can also hold cash, credit card and change.

Credit card wallets: These just hold plenty of credit cards, and nothing else.

Clutch wallets: These are stylish wallets, that don’t require to be carried in a separate purse, unlike the rest of the above. They can be carried by themselves, and can hold credit cards and ID cards as well.

Any of the above men’s or women’s wallets can be customised with personal engravings. Many people like to have their name or initial inscribed on their own wallet, while many others, give personalised wallets as gifts to their loved ones.

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