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Nowadays, everyone almost has a cell phone, and it has become a necessity in our daily life. But do you have a beautiful cell phone charm to decorate your phone? Actually, a cell phone charm can highlight your phone so that your phone stands out among other phones. I will recommend a series of cell phone charms to those who like their phones now.

A blue butterfly cell phone charm that fits all the cell phone. It is covered with crystal, and looks like a real butterfly that is going to fly high. If you attach it to your cell phone, your phone will become flashy in look. For girls, you can buy it to you or to your boyfriend as a gift. Pink Flower Cell Phone Charm that is cute and lovely in look. It is suitable for girls to decorate their phones to show feminine flavor. Pink Kitty Cat Cell Phone Charm that is made of crystal. Crystal accessory is girls’ favorite. Pink Shirt and Blue Jeans cell phone charms are like cartoon image. Decorating your phone with it, you can show you vibrant and active personality through it. Sunflowers Cell Phone Charm that takes you into the countryside, where you breathe fresh air and have a stroke with your family. How wonderful it is! Although it is simple in look and design, its charm lies on the beauty of nature.

You can purchase the charms either from stores or internet. If you do not have time or just do not think it is worth spending time on it, you could just go to the shop, choose one and buy it. In order to make the phone feel even more like “your phone” you can just make a unique charm on your own. So here are the steps you should follow to accomplish this:

First you need to gather all of your supplies. In order to do that you need to visit a craft or jewelry store and get a thin but hard wire. You also need to get some small beads that have holes that are large enough to fit through the wire but at the same time not bigger because they can easily fall through the wire.

Secondly, you need to decide where exactly on your phone you want the charm to be. You can just examine your phone, which will be enough to find a good spot for your charm. Recommendations are to put it around the antenna or just to dangle off any attached cords.

Then take your wire and use pliers to snip a piece that would be long enough to loop through the area where you want it to be. It needs to be long enough to hold the beads you are going to use as well.

One you have done that you need to thread the objects on the wire. Simply make a small knot on one end of the wire, place your beads at the center of it. Then make another small knot at the top of the beads, as you leave a bit slack enough to loop onto the phone.

Then all you need to do is just attach it to your phone. Just loop the wire through the part of the phone where the charm will be hanging. Then use the pliers to close the off loop.

This is how you make your own charm and personalize your even more your phone. Of course there is the possibility that after a time it might break because of the wire, but then you can simply repeat the steps and make a new one. You can also make several and change them at certain periods of time if it gets too boring to see the same charm on your phone all the time. The choice is all yours.

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