Stud Earrings For Both Men and Women

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With the blooming jewelry industry growing and expanding day by day, we have now countless options to choose from when it comes to fashion. Nowadays, no matter men or women, play an important role in fashion industrial. For example, an earring, as a typical accessory, is very popular among other jewelry, and is loved by both men and women.

As for men, stud earrings have become a fashion. You may think that men wearing earrings may still be unacceptable, however, in the 1970s, athletes, celebrities, rap artists and actors are chasing the fashion of wearing earrings from gold to diamonds. Since wearing earrings is no longer taboo or associated with being homosexual, anyone nowadays can have his ears pierced and start wearing his favorite stud earrings.

For gold stud earrings, they are subtler and looks more conservative than diamond, and some people may think it flashy. However, certain men, who have the temperament like being ambitious and robust, will be more appropriate to wear gold stud earrings.

As is known to all, many young men choose to wear silver or white stud earrings. Silver is used more common in young people, for it will not give the peers the impression of being flashy and mellowed. Moreover, it is not easy to be out of date over the time.

In additions, diamond stud earrings are also a popular choice for men. If the diamond is in high quality, they should be very careful to wear it, and preserve it in a safe and private place.

Stud earrings can be made in various shapes, such as crosses, hearts, circles or any other interesting shapes. When you are selecting stud earrings for your beau, friend or brother, pay more attention to his ears, and notice what style he likes. Do not pick something too big – as stud earrings also vary in sizes – unless he likes large earrings.

As for women, earrings are already the common jewelry in their life. In various occasions like bars, dancing halls and offices, women wearing the blinking earrings are very charming and pretty. Most of them are fond of white or silver ones, which can catch more eyes. Also some of them like enamel ones, for it is very colorful and stylish. Women will be very happy if their beloved can give them a pair of luxury blinking earrings. It is very unusual for the couple to share the stud earrings as an expression of their love. You could buy a pair of half-hearts, triangles, squares, spherical shapes, or a number and wear one stud each. This makes an interesting birthday or anniversary gift to your special someone.

The maintenance of stud earrings is very simple, even if it is a very luxury and precious diamond or gold earrings. Stud earrings just need regular cleaning and a proper container to preserve when they are not in use.

For more information welcome to visit Trendy Earrings. You can always find the perfect stud earrings for yourselves or your special ones.

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